Show me - show users the right way

Use the Show Me (Digital Adoption Platform) to create interactive step-by-step user scenarios, guides and tips, right in your service

Users Experience

Improve user experience using tips to help them complete their tasks in the web application.

Show the "Getting started" script when users log in for the first time.

Create users scenarios to support your business.

Employee adoption

Quickly induction for your newcomers employees.

Accelerate understanding of new interfaces by employees.

Just create an intuitive step-by-step script.

Provide expertise to new employees in the effective way.

On job trainings are the most efficient way of learning.

Better than manuals

Be honest with yourself: users don't read documentation, don't watch videos.

Using "Show Me" you can explain to your users how to interact with your web service right here and right now.

You’ll spend less time on scripting compared to creation of manuals or training videos.

Recognition from Technical support

Create scripts based on frequent calls to technical support and decrease technical support tickets.
So they could use this time for other tasks.

Technical support will thank you.
And perhaps you could cut your support staff.

Create step by step scripts

Create interactive step-by-step scenarios and update them without developers support.

"Show Me" allows you to create fully interactive scenarios where the next step will be triggered when the user performs an action(clicks a button, enters text, clicks on an item, etc).

Script customization

"Show Me" allows you to customize various parameters of your scripts.

Change the color scheme to suit your site.
Position the tip window to the left, right, above, or below the target item.
It will be your decision when and how the scenario should be displayed.

Easy installation

Just add one line of code to your website and then our powerful script builder will allow you to create and modify user-scripts through a graphical interface.

Say Goodbye to digging into your code and re-deploying your app every time you want to make changes.


You will be able to track how your users interact with scripts.

Find out what steps cause users to exit the script halfway and how often each script is executed.

You will get understanding what should be changed to provide the best user experience.

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