Frequently asked question

It's very simple. Follow these 5 steps:

1. Register and get a test package for 300 script runs on your site

2. Place on the pages of your site in the tag <head> the following block with the language of the menu (en/ru):
<script type="text/javascript" src="" data-lang="en" id="showMeScriptTag" async></script>
install the ShowMe extension for Chrome/Yandex and specify the url of your site in the extension settings

3. Enter in the browser this url http://?showme=edit

4. Log in to the service designer and start creating menus and scripts

5. To place the finished menu on your site add the menu ID to the javascript show me block:
<script type="text/javascript" src="" data-lang="en" data-menuId="your menu Id" id="showMeScriptTag" async></script>
enter MenuID in ShowMe extension settings

A detailed description of the process of creating user-scripts is in the training videos in the Video section
There is no limit to the number of sections, scripts, and steps in a script, but you should understand that a large number of sections and menus may not be clear to your users
Under one account, you can create only 1 menu and work within the Start, Optima and Premium packages.
For large clients, it is possible to create multiple menus.
Email us at and we will choose the best conditions for you.
When creating a menu, you specify the names of the sites on which this menu will work.
If you place a link with the ID of your menu on a site that is not included in the allowed list, the menu simply does not appear.
You can connect the next package at any time.
If payment is made before the completion of the current package, the next package is activated when the previous one is completed in time (30 days will pass) or by the number of script runs (all scripts will be used up).
Packages are not tied to a calendar period and can be activated on any day of the month.
If the number of runs is used up, but the user displays the service menu, he will be able to run the script.
The next time the page is refreshed, the user will not see the service logo on the page.
In personal account you can see:
- summary statistics on number of script runs, number of unique users, the percentage passing scenarios for the period from the beginning of the activation
- reports on the scenarios for any period
- logs scripting specifying the start time, IP addresses, unique user id and other information

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